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    Sunday Recap – Jan. 15, 2017


    Monday was a strange day. I can’t exactly explain why, but since waking up in the morning, I felt hermity. I use the word “hermit-y” to describe the way I feel when I want to stay home, not talk, and just retract. These types of days for me have now become something to watch out for. It’s perfectly ok to need a day for yourself, but in my case, if I let myself retract too much, I have a tendency to stay hidden for days. In this silence, anxiety builds up, and I have to work extra hard to placate it and find the confidence to rejoin the world. It’s one weird aspect of my personality. One I’m really trying to learn how to navigate smoothly.

    I had a scheduled music stream that day, and my first thought was to cancel it. Stay in bed, do nothing, stay quiet.

    No, Malukah.

    I kept my word and streamed. It felt good to prove to myself that it’s possible to work through hermity feelings. They might be there, but I can choose whether or not to listen to them.


    I played Doom on Tuesday, and it continued to be hilarious! In the evening, I sat down to start working through the first week of a new class I am taking, Guitar Chords 101 (at Berklee Music Online). I love classes. I love learning. I’m really looking forward to improving on guitar this year!



    Wednesday was a singing lesson day. 🙂 Oziel helped me rehearse a song called Boston. It’s the secret song at the end of All of the Above. This, in preparation for the All of the Above concerts on Twitch.

    I worked on the Berklee class in the evening and remembered what practicing feels like. Haha! The first assignment took me about an hour and half to complete because I had to play it over and over and over. Worth it, though, because I am starting to see improvements already.


    We finished Doom!

    After the stream was over, I sat down to close up all the Patreon letters I was sending out with a wax seal. It’s my favorite part of sending real letters. hahaha! It’s fuuuun!

    Patreon Letters from Malukah

    After I got back from the post office, I hunkered down to finish the 2nd Berklee assignment that was due on Friday. Since I was going to be at a business course all day Friday, I needed to hand everything in beforehand.


    All day at the business course. It’s the 5th module. We have one more to go. I confess, this module was completely out of my league. Many aspects of financial analysis that I had a difficult time keeping up with. While I couldn’t sit down and analyze something on my own, I was still very shocked to learn how much information you can get about the state of a business from just numbers on a page. I can see why there are entire careers devoted to this. Holy cow.

    It’s always hilarious that since each module is taught by a different teacher, we always have to introduce ourselves. Everyone says, “I’m a manager of this, with a masters in Marketing” “I’m head of this branch, specializing in Finance.” and fancy business stuff like that. And I’m like, “I’m an indie singer… Dragonborn.” ahahaha! No, no. I don’t say Dragonborn. But, I wish I could. hahahaha!


    Half the day was spent at the business course, and the rest of the day I spent preparing for the All of the Above concert. I experimented with singing songs using acoustic and electric guitar to see what would work best.

    Thor’s new bed arrived! And it’s smaller than I expected.

    Thor's BedHahahahaha! The catalog said this size was perfect for Labradors, but I guess Thor is a bit bigger than a normal lab. I think I should have bought the larger bed made for Great Danes. Oh, well. He seems to like it, though.


    Rehearsed All of the Above one last time. Decided to go for an all-acoustic version of the songs.

    Thor looked at me impatiently when I finished practicing.Thor Waiting

    I had mentioned to my parents that I was looking for a lamp post to have as a decoration in my room during the concerts. It turns out, my parents had one they didn’t use! My dad helped modify it so that it could fit my room. It was originally too tall. He removed the bottom section from it and drilled it back into a piece of wood to serve as a base, and that brought it down to 180 cm. Perfect!


    Thank you for reading! 😀 Hope you have a great week!

    Mlqu <—- WTF. Malu.