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Game of Thrones cover Malukah
You and Me

Lord of the Rings – Edge of Night / In Dreams Medley

http://youtu.be/Z3nzbRftpeU In Dreams is my favorite song from the Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtracks by Howard Shore. I ...


Malu’s Cameo in Halo 2 Documentary

The documentary Remaking the Legend: Halo 2 Anniversary (below) was released on October 31st. Be on the look out for a super, super ...

Times Like These – Foo Fighters Cover

I love Dave Grohl. Nirvana is one of the reasons I took drum set lessons as a kid. When he later started Foo Fighters, hearing him as ...

Baba Yetu: A Collaboration With Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens invited me to sing on a cover of Baba Yetu, the Grammy-winning theme song from Civilization IV, composed by Christopher Tin. I have been a fan of Peter's work since he posted a Skyrim cover in collaboration with Lindsey Stirling. He has such a beautiful voice! His vocal range is ...


Frozen Sleep Guitar Solo Tab

Hey guys! A few of you asked if I could create a tab for the solo from Frozen Sleep. It's a variation of the main Halo theme. I don't know much about making tabs, but I finally managed to do this. Frozen Sleep - Guitar Solo I hope it helps! It unfortunately doesn't have vibratos, etc. But ...

Dragonborn Tutorial

The Dragonborn Comes Recording Tutorial

Hey guys! I was finally able to film this video where I record The Dragonborn Comes step by step to show you how I like recording covers. I hope it can be helpful to those of you that enjoy recording or to those you who are thinking about getting into recording! Here's the video, and here is a ...

New Video: Three Hearts As One – Elder Scrolls Online Bard Song

Three Hearts As One is one of the songs that I composed music for in Elder Scrolls Online. The recording in the game is very simple, with just voice and lute, of course. I still really wanted to share a version following the style that I used for the Skyrim bard covers I made in the past. I look ...