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Game of Thrones cover Malukah
Dragonborn Tutorial

The Dragonborn Comes Recording Tutorial

Hey guys! I was finally able to film this video where I record The Dragonborn Comes step by step to show you how I like recording ...


New Video: Three Hearts As One – Elder Scrolls Online Bard Song

Three Hearts As One is one of the songs that I composed music for in Elder Scrolls Online. The recording in the game is very simple, ...

New Video: The Banner Saga Medley

Hello! Taylor Davis (who recorded violin on The Banner Saga soundtrack) invited me to film this video featuring some of the music ...


Singing on The Banner Saga

Composer Austin Wintory invited violinist Taylor Davis, a cappella vocalist Peter Hollens and myself to perform on his score for The Banner Saga. The game is beautiful; a role-playing game inspired by a Viking legend. The story is moving and full of difficult decisions to make. Austin and I ...

Halo 4 Global Championship

Live: Performing at Halo 4 Global Championship

I will be performing Frozen Sleep, a Halo tribute song I posted on YouTube, live at Microsoft’s Halo 4 Global Championshipduring PAX Prime in Seattle this year. :) It’s impossible to explain how excited I am! And how grateful I am that your support for this song led to this opportunity. If ...

Vocals for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Vengeance DLC

I got to record vocals for another easter egg song in Black Ops 2, this time for the Vengeance DLC released on July 2nd. I love this song written by Kevin Sherwood, and it was cool to get to see how he put the track together. From demo guitars and drums to the full-fledged badass arrangement mixed ...


Cover Video: Misty Mountains – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Wooo! I was finally able to finish this cover! :) I’m sorry it took so long! I confess I almost gave up on it because I was struggling with the arrangement, but I’m glad you guys encouraged me to keep trying. Update: I've finally started licensing the covers so they can be on iTunes, Loudr, ...