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Three Hearts As One

Beauty of Dawn

You can download this free mp3 from my artist page on the official Elder Scrolls Online website:


Frozen Sleep – Halo 4 / Cortana Tribute Song

Thank you for watching, listening, downloading, and everything! <3 <3 <3

Chords – Frozen Sleep (Halo 4 / Cortana Tribute)


 Fear Not This Night – Guild Wars 2

I hope you guys enjoy this cover! It was amazing to work with Lara and Taylor! Thank you for watching!


Tale of the Tongues – Skyrim

Thank you for listening! It makes me so happy to share these covers of my favorite soundtracks!

CHORDS – Tale of the Tongues v2 (fixed a couple of mistakes)

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Reignite – Mass Effect Tribute Song

 <3 <3 <3 Thank you! <3 <3 <3

CHORDS – Reignite (Added a missing D chord in second to last line. Thank you, Thomas E. for spotting that!)

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The Dragonborn Comes – Skyrim

Thank you again for listening and watching!

CHORDS – The Dragonborn Comes (PDF).


The Age of Aggression – Skyrim

Thank you, guys, for all your support. <3

CHORDS – Age of Aggression (PDF)


The Age of Oppression – Skyrim

Chords-AgeofOppression_v2 (PDF) (Thanks, Rutilus for catching a mistake!)