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I’m finally starting to license some of the covers that I’ve done in the past.  Starting with these songs that are now available iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and more.

the-rains-of-castamere.png.500The Rains of Castamere the-edge-of-night-in-dreams.jpg.500In Dreams
game-of-thrones-main-title-the-children-medley.jpg.500Game of Thrones / The Children Medley auld-lang-syne.jpg.500Auld Lang Syne
times-like-these.jpg.500Times Like These wolvenstormmalukah2Priscilla’s Song
misty-mountains.png.500Misty Mountains

I’ve sometimes been asked where’s the best place to buy to support indie musicians. Loudr offers a larger percentage split than iTunes, and it allows you to donate extra money if you choose to. You can also select which high quality, lossless format to download in (WAVE, AIFF, or FLAC), But, of course, whatever platform is most convenient for you is awesome! Thank you so much for supporting!!! <3 <3 <3

Original Songs

I Follow the Moon - Malukah

I Follow the Moon

Music and Lyrics by Malukah

Available here:

Google Music

Original Album

Several years ago, I wrote and recorded an album of original Pop/Rock songs called All of the Above. You can stream all songs completely right here. If it’s not your style, no worries! I’m currently working on a new album. It’s quieter, folkier, and closer to the style of music that might have led you to this page! More details on that soon.

Thank you for listening, guys. And for all your encouragement and support.

All of the Above Aug 2006

All of the Above

Judith de los Santos (aka Malukah)

CD Baby

Listen to the full album here!