I’m finally trying this. A podcast.

    I shared the first episode on Patreon a few weeks ago and the response from the community, as well as the positive effect it’s had on my own mind… to just reflect and talk out loud… has motivated me to continue.

    I feel a bit scared of sharing this outside of my safe Patreon bubble, BUUUUT. Let’s try it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just remove it and keep it exclusively for Patrons.

    Thank you for listening!


    New Cover: Answers (From Final Fantasy XIV)

    Hi, guys!

    Finally, after a long time. It’s here! The newest cover: Answers from Final Fantasy XIV by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

    This song has been requested for years, and I was too afraid to cover it. haha! It’s over 5 minutes long. I panicked thinking I would never be able to get it right.

    After trying a few different approaches, I found a direction I liked. Many thanks to the folks on Patreon who patiently listened to 3-4 different versions of this cover in the works and helped me get clarity on the direction. I feel such a weight lifted off my shoulders now that it is done. It was a tough one!

    Hope you enjoy it. The song will be on Spotify and everywhere soonish. I was a bad Malukah and did not plan well for this release. hahaha I was so relieved the song and video were done that I just hit publish.

    Marketing strategy by damned. hahahaha! 😀

    Big hug from Mexico,

    YouTube March Concert – Ukraine Project HOPE

    Hey guys!

    Thank you to all of you that were able to be present at the YouTube March Concert that I did recently. I had an incredible time and feel more motivated than ever to continue making music, performing, and finding ways to just… be better, do better.

    I was moved by your support and generosity in supporting the fundraiser during the livestream. Together, we raised $1,800 USD that went directly to Project HOPE, an organization providing aid to Ukraine.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of this. Here’s the video below if you wish to watch it.

    Many hugs from Mexico,

    Malukah Live Concert January 2022

    January Live Concert on YouTube

    Hey guys!

    I’m excited about this. On Monday, January 17th at 10:30am CST, I’ll be performing live on my YouTube channel. I’m currently preparing the set list, but you can count on hearing the Skyrim covers and several of the other songs I’ve recorded in the past.

    I’ve realized that the way I’ve been approaching my channel in recent years is no longer working. I need to find a better format to interact on this platform, and these monthly live performances are the first experiment.

    I’ve activated Memberships on my channel. If you wish to join, you’ll get access to some sweet emotes [Twitch nostalgiaaaa] to use in chat and some extra pics and updates. Click here to become a Member!

    And Save the Date.

    Hope to see some of you there!

    Hugs from México,

    Malukah What Now

    So, What Now?

    It’s time to make some changes. What I’ve been doing is no longer working on YouTube. Here’s a video explaining.

    Can’t wait for the experiments to start in 2022! hahahaha!

    Thanks for watching,