Reignite Malukah

    Reignite is finally on iTunes/Spotify!

    Reignite is finally available on music platforms! Here’s a link to all the options:

    Mass Effect continues to be one of my favorite game franchises. I originally posted this tribute song, Reignite, in 2012 after finishing the 3rd game. Years later, I’m sooooo happy that I made this because it’s a nice way to remember the story and characters. It’s also a reminder of how the games made me feel.

    A huge thank you to Materia Collective for helping guide the process to acquire a license from Bioware/EA/Kobalt Music.

    Thank you Sebastian and MaryKate!

    Malukah Visits Logitech

    Blue Launch in Mexico

    This past November, Logitech invited me to attend the official launch of Blue Microphones in Mexico. (Logitech bought Blue back in July 2018)

    The Blueberry mic by Blue (pictured below) was the very first professional microphone I purchased many years ago.

    Malukah Blueberry Microphone

    Since then, I’ve added more Blue mics to my arsenal. Most recently, I recorded all the lead vocals of my new original album, I Follow the Moon, using a Blue Bottle Rocket Stage II mic.

    Malukah and John Maier of Blue Microphones

    I was excited to have a chance to be there and celebrate Blue’s arrival to Mexico. I got to meet John Maier (CEO of Blue), Brian Arensberg (VP of CE Marketing) and participate in a quick, plug-n-play recording session to demonstrate how easy it is to use these microphones.

    It was a fun day! Many thanks to Desirée Ortiz at Logitech for the invitation. It was wonderful to meet you and your team!

    O Holy Night Malukah

    New Cover: O Holy Night (feat. Alexander Knutsen)

    Recording O Holy Night with my friend Alexander Knutsen was such a lovely way to close the 2019.

    Alex is one of my favorite guitar players. In September, he flew to Monterrey to record on my new original album I Follow the Moon.

    Before that, the last time I had worked with Alex had been for All of the Above, my debut original album from 2006. Now, quite vintage. Hehe.

    Thirteen years later, getting to see and hear him work in person again reminded me just how insanely talented he is. I was thrilled when I reached out to invite him to work on this track and he said yes!

    I hope you enjoy the song and video we made.  The track is available for download on Bandcamp.

    Thanks again for a beautiful year. Happy Holidays!

    Big hug from Mexico,

    AGS Malukah

    Performance at Argentina Game Show

    On October 19th, I had the honor of performing live in Bueno Aires at an event called Argentina Game Show Coca-Cola For Me. Now that I’m back home, it’s hard to believe this whirlwind of a trip actually happened!

    I received the invitation a couple of months ago. The timing was tricky, as I was scheduled to be in the final stages of completing my new original album. However, I felt this was an opportunity that I haaaaad to accept.

    AGS Malukah

    I’m glad I did. It’s been so long since I’ve performed live in front of people. I’ve performed on stream, but it’s not quite the same. The energy is totally different. Performing live also makes it possible to meet and chat with the audience after the show. 🙂

    AGS Malukah

    The trip was awesome and a great learning experience. It’s always a proud feeling to see that no matter where you go in the world, the love for video games is strong.

    Many thanks to Gloria and the Local Strike team for this chance to visit another continent for the first time and perform live!