Malukah Warm Light

    Cold Vs. Warm

    The background lights are finally back! Yay! I wanted to wait until the acoustic treatment and room structure were done before bringing them in. As soon as I put them in place, the room felt a lot more inviting. 🙂 I managed to find a camera angle that hides my 2nd “officey” desk that is always full of papers and pens. Hehe!

    And, I finally got a chance to experiment with cold and warm lights. I’ve only used cold/white lights before. They were the ones I bought because that’s what folks on YouTube recommended. I remember when I received a ring light I ordered, it had two light bulbs. A cold and a warm. I thought, “pshh… who would want a yellow light?” It went into the closet and stayed there forgotten… until now.

    Fast foward several years, and I found myself wondering… What would a warm light look like? And so I went hunting for that discarded warm ring light bulb. Hahaha! And you know what? I loved it! It transforms the scene into a cozy, homey place. Check out this difference in tones…


    This says, “Hello, this is me with a light.”

    Malukah Cold Light


    Now, check THIS out. Doesn’t it say, “Hello, welcome to my small, personal singing concert. Please take a seat and make yourself at home”?
    Malukah Warm Light

    Hahahahaha! I like it! I’m going to be testing it out for the next few concerts. Let me know what you guys think!

    Thanks for reading,


    Road to a Childhood Dream

    When I was a kid, I knew what my dream job as an adult would be. I wanted to run a store. The products didn’t matter as much as my desire to operate a cash register and expertly press all the buttons while looking smart and important.

    First, I dreamed of a book store, then an office supply store… then, I found music.

    Music made me adjust my dreams for the future, but my wish of running a small store has been a part of me ever since.

    The time approaches to make this dream come true. At least a test run. We’ll see how we do! hehe!

    I’ve been working on figuring out different kinds of merch that I can sell here on the site. Related to my journey in music and gaming. I am so excited with how things are going.

    I will be opening an external merch store that will feature t-shirts and mugs. As a complement to that, I’ll also be offering several things right here on the website. Journals, stickers, vinyl stickers. I can’t wait!

    I spent part of the morning figuring out how to take product pictures. It’s harder than it looks! Haha! And then, I edited the pictures to make them as nice as possible. Here are some sneak peaks! (These two green plants were the only decoration-y things I could find. Hahaha! )

    MalukahTwitchStickers MalukahVinylStickers


    Well, This was Unexpected

    For years, I had heard the name “Amnesia” in the gaming world. The YouTube famous game that started a horror trend. That was all I knew. Game, horror, popular.

    Today, I played Amnesia for the first time. I was a bit skeptical going in. Not sure what to expect.

    Two hours later, I had to pry myself away from the computer. I was hooked, I wanted to keep playing! I’m so surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

    I have a feeling the circumstances helped. Playing live on stream with a group of people cheering me on definitely made me forget about how I usually dislike not being being able to fight back. And the chat helped me when I got stuck.

    By the way, props to the Reverb Empire for helping me cautiously and without spoilers. For letting me try things and not getting frustrated when it took me longer than normal to understand everything.

    I can’t wait to keep playing. I’m intrigued!

    I wonder what’s going to happen.

    Man, that thing in the water. Munching on extremities for distraction. hahaha! That was a great part. OOOOOPEEEEEEEEEN! hahahahaha!

    Alright. Must go to sleep.
    Hopefully without nightmares.
    Thanks for reading,

    Twitch Surprises

    Still at a Loss for Words

    Today was whirlwind of joy and unbelievable emotions. I can’t properly express how happy and moved I am by the way you guys stand by my side. How we have built together this space that feels like home.

    I love you, and I am grateful that we have come to know each other.

    I still feel stunned. Just… I’m just thinking… and re-living today and the last 7 months in my mind.

    Here are the two of the surprises of the day.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Thank you for your words and your thoughts. It warms my heart to be able to know what you sound like, and even what some of you look like. You’re not only pictures any more. <3 Thank you, Omi, for editing the clips together! And thank you, Thor, for being so darn cute.

    Shampa25, Photoshop Professional PhD of the Reverb Empire. You beautiful, gentle soul. Thank you for compiling all of these moments for us. A very big hug to you, my dear friend.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Forever and ever.

    All my love,



    The Reverb Knights

    For months, I’ve wanted to send out little gifts to all the Twitch mods that protect the Reverb Empire (that’s what we call my Twitch channel, hehe!).

    I knew I wanted to send them various stickers, but I needed to find something extra.

    Today, I finally figured out what.

    I made them personalized metallic vinyl stickers! Their names in armor. The Reverb Knights. Woo!

    The Reverb Knights

    I can’t seem to stop making vinyl stickers. Send help. STOP ME!