How You Can Help Mexico

    There was a big earthquake in Mexico yesterday, September 19th, 2017. My family and I are safe. We live in Nuevo Leon, a state in the north that was not affected.

    But there are a lot of people who were affected by this. The country is rallying together to send as much support as possible. If you are able to help, please find some links below. Thank you so much.

    Red Cross Amazon Wishlist: to send the most needed supplies like flashlights, blankets, diapers, med kits, tools.

    Red Cross direct donation via Paypal. (scroll down for direct donation)

    Or donate to Topos Mexico, a renowned private team specialized in rescuing victims of natural disasters. They are phenomenal human beings. This is their Paypal email:


    Sunday Recap: Sep 11 – 17, 2017

    On Monday, we had the very first Patreon-Exclusive “Office Hours Livestream.” I spent a couple of hours recording a song called “Running From, Running From”. This way of streaming turned out to be better than I expected! Thanks to those of you that were able to stop by! It’s fun to share the behind the scenes process with you!

    We finished Life is Strange on Twitch that afternoon and I was speechless. I remember things from the game as if I truly lived them. I may have been watching animated characters, but the emotions they evoke are real. What a cool, cool game.

    After the stream, I was finally able to see the doctor that has helped me with back issues in the past. He was able to correctly diagnose my issue and set me up with a new rehab routine. I feel I’m improving, and not just for a few hours after each session.

    A good thing about having to stick to piano streams this week was that each time I play, I feel more at ease at the piano. I hadn’t played this much piano since college! Haha!

    For posterity, I just want to make a note that I performed Reignite with googly eyes… Don’t look at me weird… it was the chat. They are the ones with the weird ideas.


    On Friday, I went to get X-Rays. The doctor wanted to be 100% sure that my hand numbness issues are not more serious than he believes them to be. I shared a pic on Twitter because X-Rays are so cool, and then I was all embarrassed when somebody asked… “But, what are those bottle caps in the picture?”…


    It’s my bra. Hee hee! People could see my braaaaaaa. NOOOOOOOOOO. Hide me.

    Saturday was epic because I got to take Thor to Petco to buy him a new toy! I received a donation on Twitch from tremblizzi with specific instructions that the money was for a new toy for Thor. ;P I followed instructions.

    Then in the evening…. we went to see IT. I had been waiting for this movie since I heard of the remake. Such a monumental part of my childhood. I really enjoyed it! Afterwards, Omi and I talked about how it didn’t feel as scary as before. I guess as we grow up, we learn there are scarier things than a clown with bad teeth. Haha! The cast was great, and I loved the sense of humor of the script. Can’t wait for Chapter 2.


    Sunday was barbecue day! Woooo! It was nice to just sit out in the yard, preparing the food, sharing a meal, and feeding Thor some scraps because he was very patient and respectful during the whole ordeal. I think I made enough veggies for an entire army.


    Sunday evening was dedicated to the pending Twitch sub songs. If you are subscribed, be sure to check out the Reverb Empire section so you can download them!

    Aaaaand. Oh. This. A major thing. I discovered this suuuuper beautiful kind of fountain pen ink. Check it out… IT CHANGES COLOR. Iiiiiit friggin’ changes coloooor. I will purchase this immediately.

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    Thank you so much for reading!

    Have a fantastic new week!

    Sunday Recap: Sep 3 – 10, 2017

    This week started like any other… Thor and I ate breakfast outside. Thor finished his in 30 seconds and then proceeded to drool at the apple I was eating. He just looks and looks until I break and share it. haha! Every single day.


    My arm hurt, so I decided to do some floor exercises, a technique called Feldenkrais for relaxation that is very gentle. As soon as I laid down on the floor, this happened.


    I sometimes feel Thor has separation anxiety. Hahahaha! But this was not relaxing at all, so I told him to go wait a bit farther away. This is how he patiently sat while I did the exercises.


    Haha! My boy.

    The main focus of the week was physical therapy. I’ve discovered that it’s a great time to listen to podcasts! Especially informative ones. They make me feel that I’m making the most of time. I kinda want to buy an audio book, since I’ll have to go for another 10 sessions, but they are expensive and I’m wondering if could just make do with free podcasts…

    Hmm… I also sometimes fall asleep. I don’t think I’d hear the whole book. Haha! One of the cool things about being more comfortable with myself (in general) is that before I’d be terrified of falling asleep in therapy and possibly snoring… Oh, no!!! hahaha! And now? I just proudly announce, “I will likely fall asleep and snore, by the way.” hahaha! And the attendants laugh and say it’s not a problem.

    In one of the sessions, I got to wear the heat pads like in this picture below. I felt like a Star Wars character. ;P Not sure why. Maybe the Skywalker white?


    For Twitch streams, I stuck to Life is Strange. Because of the arm, it hurts to play guitar, so I’m trying to avoid it while it gets better! LiS continued to be an incredible game. Super immersive!

    We went to a wedding on Saturday and had a great time with friends. I realized that when I go to weddings with live music, I’m always analyzing the singers. Trying to notice all the things my singing teacher points out are signs of things that are done right or wrong. I feel like an American Idol judge, or something. In my mind, at least.

    And then… Sunday….

    How can I explain Sunday?

    Let’s see. We ordered a late lunch. Right before it was delivered, the power went out at our house… And then thanks to social media, we realized that the power had gone out in several areas of the city… and then we learned that the power had gone out in 3 WHOLE STATES in northern Mexico. There was an issue with one of the main lines (or I don’t know what they are called), and we had no power for 5 hours. Our cellphones worked for about 3 hours and then we lost all service completely.

    While it was light out, it wasn’t too frustrating. I sat outside and read a book. Once it became night time, I confess I got antsy. It was annoying not to be able to do anything. I had to improvise.

    I lit a couple of candles, and then I set a little flashlight underneath my desk lamp, pointing upwards so the light reflected back down. I got my Alphasmart Neo2 ancient word processor that works with batteries and started drafting out this month’s mailing list.

    SR-17-09-11_19Man, low light is uncomfortableeeeeee. After about an hour like this, my eyes felt strained. I went to get a chandellier that was a recent gift and lit every candle. It was better!

    SR-17-09-11_20Thankfully, at around 10pm, the power returned. I went around the house turning on every light, just to make up for all the darkness. And then I had to go turn all the lights off. Because that was just silly. Hahaha!

    Aaaaand, that was it!

    Thank you for reading! 😀
    Love from Mexico,

    Malukah Warm Light

    Cold Vs. Warm

    The background lights are finally back! Yay! I wanted to wait until the acoustic treatment and room structure were done before bringing them in. As soon as I put them in place, the room felt a lot more inviting. 🙂 I managed to find a camera angle that hides my 2nd “officey” desk that is always full of papers and pens. Hehe!

    And, I finally got a chance to experiment with cold and warm lights. I’ve only used cold/white lights before. They were the ones I bought because that’s what folks on YouTube recommended. I remember when I received a ring light I ordered, it had two light bulbs. A cold and a warm. I thought, “pshh… who would want a yellow light?” It went into the closet and stayed there forgotten… until now.

    Fast foward several years, and I found myself wondering… What would a warm light look like? And so I went hunting for that discarded warm ring light bulb. Hahaha! And you know what? I loved it! It transforms the scene into a cozy, homey place. Check out this difference in tones…


    This says, “Hello, this is me with a light.”

    Malukah Cold Light


    Now, check THIS out. Doesn’t it say, “Hello, welcome to my small, personal singing concert. Please take a seat and make yourself at home”?
    Malukah Warm Light

    Hahahahaha! I like it! I’m going to be testing it out for the next few concerts. Let me know what you guys think!

    Thanks for reading,


    Road to a Childhood Dream

    When I was a kid, I knew what my dream job as an adult would be. I wanted to run a store. The products didn’t matter as much as my desire to operate a cash register and expertly press all the buttons while looking smart and important.

    First, I dreamed of a book store, then an office supply store… then, I found music.

    Music made me adjust my dreams for the future, but my wish of running a small store has been a part of me ever since.

    The time approaches to make this dream come true. At least a test run. We’ll see how we do! hehe!

    I’ve been working on figuring out different kinds of merch that I can sell here on the site. Related to my journey in music and gaming. I am so excited with how things are going.

    I will be opening an external merch store that will feature t-shirts and mugs. As a complement to that, I’ll also be offering several things right here on the website. Journals, stickers, vinyl stickers. I can’t wait!

    I spent part of the morning figuring out how to take product pictures. It’s harder than it looks! Haha! And then, I edited the pictures to make them as nice as possible. Here are some sneak peaks! (These two green plants were the only decoration-y things I could find. Hahaha! )

    MalukahTwitchStickers MalukahVinylStickers