Malukah Live Concert January 2022

    January Live Concert on YouTube

    Hey guys!

    I’m excited about this. On Monday, January 17th at 10:30am CST, I’ll be performing live on my YouTube channel. I’m currently preparing the set list, but you can count on hearing the Skyrim covers and several of the other songs I’ve recorded in the past.

    I’ve realized that the way I’ve been approaching my channel in recent years is no longer working. I need to find a better format to interact on this platform, and these monthly live performances are the first experiment.

    I’ve activated Memberships on my channel. If you wish to join, you’ll get access to some sweet emotes [Twitch nostalgiaaaa] to use in chat and some extra pics and updates. Click here to become a Member!

    And Save the Date.

    Hope to see some of you there!

    Hugs from México,

    Malukah What Now

    So, What Now?

    It’s time to make some changes. What I’ve been doing is no longer working on YouTube. Here’s a video explaining.

    Can’t wait for the experiments to start in 2022! hahahaha!

    Thanks for watching,


    Malukahs Christmas Concert 2022

    Malukah’s 2022 Christmas Concert

    You guuuuuuuys.

    This Christmas Concert is the musical highlight of my year. Hehehe! It’s a tradition started in… 2016, I think? And I feel extremely happy and proud that we’ve managed to keep this up since then.

    Even during the holidays in 2020, with our son Dante as a one-month-old newborn, we still streamed. Hehehe.

    The 2022 concert was lovely. Thanks for being there and for the support! Here’s the video in case you feel like listening to live Christmas music all year round. hehe!

    Dragonborn Claim

    We Need to Talk

    My ten-year-old The Dragonborn Comes video was wrongfully claimed on YouTube.

    Thank you for watching! And extra thanks to those of you that are able to support in any way you can… whether it’s by watching the videos, listening on Spotify and other streaming platforms, joining Patreon, becoming a Member on Youtube. Anything and everything helps!

    Hugs from México,

    Update: The claim has been released. Here’s a video update.

    malukah Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus Cover – Come Little Children

    Hey guys!

    Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie. I absolutely fell in love with the song fragment that Sarah Jessica Parker sings and would always sing along with her.

    It’s amazing how decades later, that song’s still floating around the world. I’m glad I was finally able to make a cover of it.

    There are some additional fan-written verses in this cover and from what I was able to find online, they were written by Belos. Many thanks to him for extending James Horner’s original song. (If anyone has current info for Belos, please let me know, thank you!)

    Special thanks to my husband Omi for helping me film and edit this video. Hope you are all well, happy, and safe.

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