Malu in Prague (Twitch Extras)

    Earlier today, while streaming Doom, I mentioned to the chat that I had visited Prague years ago to perform in a contest. I found this picture!

    Beauuuutiful city. I hope I can go back one day!



    It’s here’s that ridiculous tiara I told you about.


    Haha! Undo! Undo!


    All of the Above Malukah Live

    All of the Above – LIVE!

    It’s here! The event poster. It’s a reality! hahaha! For some reason, when I make and share a silly poster, it makes me feel like it’s now official. it’s happening, and I couldn’t stop it even if I tried.

    All of the Above - Malukah Live

    I’m looking forward to this show soooo very much.

    I wanted to thank you guys for requesting some of these songs on stream. It was Eli355ar’s that said:


    And then c_cornwell added this:


    I loved these ideas! Rehearsing for the show has been fun. I have missed singing these songs. Thank you for bringing them back into my life by requesting them… even when they are over 10 years old. haha! ūüėÄ All of the Above was released in 2006.

    If you haven’t heard this album, you can find it on iTunes and listen on Spotify or Bandcamp!

    I hope to see you guys there! There are two dates and times to hopefully make it easier to watch no matter where you are in the world.

    Monday, January 16th, at 12pm, central standard time.

    Wendesday, January 18th, at 7pm, central standard time.


    Now, back to rehearsing.

    See you soon!


    Sunday Recap – Jan 8, 2017


    Monday? Hello? Are you there? No? Ok.

    Haha. I know I worked on the previous Sunday recap… but, I can’t remember anything else.

    Oh!! Wait. While writing the Recap at my favorite coffee shop, I got¬†my coffee personalized! They were doing this for costumers in celebration of New Year’s. It says Judith because they do not know my secret identity! Hehehehe!


    On Tuesday, I played Doom for the first time on stream. It’d been several weeks since the last time I played, so I had to relearn the controls. Hehe. I was surprised by how fun it was to play this live. I was worried that it wouldn’t be as good a game to stream as Skyrim, but no. It was great! I was also worried that I’d get lost and it would take me forever to figure out where to go… and it DID happen, but the chat guided me!


    On Wednesday, I started rehearsing All of the Above, in preparation for the concert. It was a trip down memory lane! I’m excited about sharing live performances of all these new songs next week on Twitch!

    At 9pm, we recorded our weekly podcast, El Rol que Jugamos. One of our listeners, Majkir, surprised us with this hilarious video of 2016 highlights. The part at the end, where Maj got several people from the community to contribute audio clips, was very moving. What an incredible community this has become. <3


    I played Doom for longer than I meant to. Haha! I was supposed to stream from 12-2pm… and when I looked at the time, it was 4pm. Haha! The most ridiculous thing happened, too. I had gotten an alert that the PS4 controller had low battery. I went ahead and played. Until it died. (Thanks for the clip, Thesawolf!)

    And then, just as I was scrambling trying to find the cable to charge it, I was raided by a big streamer named Tofusenshi. She sent over 70 people to my channel and I spiraled deeply into panic mode. hahaha! I was eventually able to find a cable, feeling like a huge Maloofus.


    I spent some time trying to make a Patreon update¬†video. I set up my nice camera, lights, and then I couldn’t get things to work properly. Eventually, I decided to keep it simple and just use the webcam. I think I¬†might stick to the webcam for updates. Part of me wants the better quality image… but,¬†the other part wants to be able to record spontaneously. And not grumpily because of technology. Haha!

    Malukah Patreon


    Saturday shall forever be known as the day when I realized how much better it is to play Overwatch with mouse and keyboard. haha! I had only played it with a controller before. 

    Mouse/Keyboard for FPS’ses always makes me hesitate because the super fast movements make me dizzy. I’m glad I tried Overwatch. In this particular game, I can handle it. My favorite character to play is Mercy!


    On Sunday, I saw¬†tofusenshi was streaming on Twitch. I visited her channel so I could¬†thank her for the raid. It was so nice to meet her! She’s a sweetheart and ended up drawing a portrait for¬†me! It was such a cool process to watch. I sat there, completely hypnotized by how she would create a line, smudge, line, smudge, line smudge… and all of a sudden… face. hahahaha! Even more surprising was learning that she’s only started drawing with charcoal very recently! Check out these images,¬†and be sure to check out Senshi’s channel!

    Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you guys on Twitch, Twitter, here, everywhere!


    Sunday Recap – Jan 1st, 2017

    Hello, January! Happy New Year, guys! I hope 2017 is a fantastic year for you and your loved ones. Thank you for being here!

    During the last week of the year, time seemed to move at a slower pace.


    On Monday, we were still eating left over Mac n’ Cheese from Christmas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t share with Thor.

    In the afternoon, I went¬†to pick up a gift from one the Twitch mods who protect¬†my channel, Thesawolf. It made me laugh. ūüėÄ Thanks, Thesawolf!


    In general, the mod team is doing an incredible job in keeping the chat a friendly, fun space. Thank you so much!

    I streamed Skyrim at night and showed the Thor calendar I made for my mom. I got some requests to make more. Hehe! I think I will!


    I spent Tuesday learning how to use my Christmas gifts. One is a Silhouette Portrait, which is a cutting machine for arts and crafts. I figured out how to make stickers! WOO! I don’t know why it makes me so happy. These stickers below are for keeping track of when I stream. Hehehehe!

    The other gift is¬†a mini laser engraver. It works on materials like bits of wood. I still haven’t been able to get it to align properly, and the instructions aren’t very clear… but I’ll keep trying!


    Wednesday morning, Thor and I took an extra long walk. The weather was lovely.

    In the afternoon, I streamed some live music! I got a request to sing Hesitation, from All of the Above. I hadn’t played this in years!¬†It reminded me of how much I loved working on that original album, and how excited I am to be recording a new one this year. It always surprises me when you guys know these old songs.

    Afterwards, we went out for lunch and I ate a bacon hamburger that is worth mentioning in this recap just because it was so epic.

    At night, we recorded an episode of our Spanish gaming podcast, El Rol que Jugamos on Twitch. It’s been very cool to see this community growing over time. It’s every Wednesday at 9pm central on Omi’s channel.


    On Thursday, I streamed music again! I finally got to play Sinking Ships for Tommy (a sub/mod) who requested this a few weeks ago. Beautiful song. I’m glad Tommy introduced me to this band, Trees of Eternity. From¬†wiki: “Their music is often described as down-tempo, doom/death-inspired melancholia with ghostly female vocals.”


    Friday was spent preparing for a get-together with friends at our house. Everyone showed up at around 8pm. We ordered delicious tacos and proceeded to reminisce about 2016.

    Also, MoraGamer on Twitter shared this pic of a newspaper featuring some musicians who make tributes to games on YouTube! Nice to be included!


    Saturday was spent recuperating from Friday. haha! In the evening, we gathered with family to celebrate New Year’s Eve. More delicious food. I think I’m still full and it’s Monday… hahaha!

    When fireworks started going off, Thor got a bit scared, but we were prepared. Omi put a playlist on Spotify called something like “Dog Therapy Music”. hahaha! And we gave¬†Thor a bone to chew. Food won over fear! Haha! Good ol’ Labs.


    I managed to clean up a lot on Sunday. It was long overdue. We had an entire… Well… I should say.¬†I had an entire area of the house full of boxes, camera equipment, guitar cases, boxes of percussion instruments, etc. Things needed to be sorted and stored properly…. Hmm… ¬†I’d never realized how the words sorted and stored are made up exactly of the same letters. hahaha! I spent a couple of hours doing that and it made such a difference!

    I ended the day by streaming Skyrim. <3

    Thanks for reading, guys! I’m looking forward to this new year and all the adventures we’ll get to go on together.

    Love from Mexico,

    Malukah Christmas Concert 1

    Sunday Recap – Dec 25th, 2016

    Merry Christmaaaas! Well, yesterday. But still, Merry Christmaaaaas!

    Haha! This past week I was a good Malukah and actually managed to keep a journal for all days, so let’s revisit.

    It was an incredible week, overall, for many reasons and in great part due to you guys!


    Malukah Christmas Concert 1On Monday, the first of two Christmas Concerts took place. It was pure happiness on steroids for me. I think it’s the best I’ve felt all year! Just so hopeful and happy and grateful and all good things. It was great that you guys suggested here (in the last recap) that I keep the set list a surprise. It worked out super well! It was awesome to start singing a song and see the live responses in the chat the moment they identified it! Oh, and also super cool that you enjoyed the newly extended version version of The Dragonborn Comes! We voted, and this will be one of the first projects of 2017! Recording an “official” version of it for my YouTube channel.


    Tuesday morning, still feeling like I was floating in happiness clouds, I went to my favorite cafe with my laptop to do some online work. For the longest time, I’d been debating on whether to open a Patreon account or not, but I have always felt strange about it. Technically, I have a roof over my head, we have enough money for bills, we have food and treats¬†for Thor… So, it feels weird to ask for money.¬†Yet, every week or two, I’m get a message asking¬†if I’m on there.

    Now that I’m feeling more confident and more determined to create fearlessly, I decided to go for it. Again, one of those things where I’m tired of saying “One day…” No. TODAY. hahaha!

    I fumbled over the text and in the end chickened out. hahaha! I didn’t know what to write! (update: I have since published the Patreon profile, but it still has no text. hahahaha! Baby steps. I figured, if it ends up continuing to be uncomfortable to ask for help, I’ll remove it. But, I have to try things. I can’t make decisions based on conjectures.)


    Wednesday morning, at my singing lesson with Oziel, we went over¬†the first verse of Silent Night in German. Oziel has a lot of experience performing opera in many languages, so helped me try to get the pronunciation as close as possible in one morning. Hehe. ūüėÄ

    Later that day, we celebrated¬†Christmas Concert #2! I’m so glad the 2pm schedule made it more accessible for some of you guys! Wooo! And it was awesome that the verse I sang in German was successfully identified as being in German. hahaha!

    It was an extra treat that Oziel was able to be there! He even made a Twitch account to be able to chat! I was so happy to see him there, interacting with all of you, and I can’t wait for January so we can continue with lessons.

    I loved these concert experiences so much that they will become a regular feature of 2017!


    Hahahaha! I’m reading my journal and all I wrote for Thursday is how badly I wanted to go buy Hershey’s Kisses. hahaha! The thing about eating healthy, once you get in the groove, you stop craving sugar. But, with the holidays, I fell off the wagon a bit and it became all I could think about. I’m happy to report that instead of buying Kisses, I made myself a cup of tea and moved on. Writing can really help tone down¬†food anxiety. ūüôā


    I spent most of Friday afternoon working on an arrangement of Silent Night. It’s a reworked version of a recording I made at the end of 2014, right when my voice was at its worst. So, I never made a video for it. I wanted to see if I could release it this year. I recorded all vocals so the only thing left to do was mix it… but…


    SundayRecap-ChristmasChristmas happened. It was a such a great day. We celebrated at my parents’ house with a Christmas lunch with my whole family. You know how as you grow older, you start noticing how some years are better than others? When it comes to circumstances, family, health and just in general? Well, this Christmas gathering was a beautiful one. I’m thankful for many conversations and jokes and sharing memories.

    Once we got home that evening, I wanted to mix Silent Night and also export the live songs from the Concerts to post them free on Bandcamp, but I’m afraid I was in a food comma. Hahaha! I decided to take a nap and tackle those things later that night… except… fireworks happened. And Thor doesn’t like them. He ran into my studio and put his paw on my lap, his eyes big and worried. I turned off the computer, and took Thor to the quietest room in the house. Played some New Age music over speakers and just sat there with him until the fireworks ended.


    Malukahs Christmas Concert LiveOn Sunday, I finally managed to upload the free Christmas Album to Bandcamp. I proceeded to open the Silent Night session to mix it, and this happened:


    The session file somehow got corrupted! I took this as a sign to let Silent Night go and just enjoy the day. Hahaha! I will save the arrangement for the formal Christmas album next year.

    I spent the afternoon drinking hot chocolate and learning how to use the Christmas gifts I got. More about that soon!

    Thank you so much for reading! I still can’t believe the year is almost over. But, 2017, let’s do this!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    Hugs from Mexico,