Singing on the VR game Moss

    Polyarc Games’ new VR game called Moss features music by composer Jason Graves (Far Cry Primal, Dead Space, Until Dawn). I had the incredible opportunity to work with him again and recorded vocals for a song from the soundtrack called “Home to Me”.

    Here’s the launch trailer for the game which features the song!

    You can preview Home to Me and 2 additional tracks from the Moss OST on Polyarc’s Soundcloud.

    Working with Jason is magical. I’ve always been a fan of his scores. And Moss was a nice change from this other time we worked together…

    Aaaand, if you fancy watching a video of me playing Far Cry Primal, here you go. Hehe.

    Thanks for reading,

    Malukah Twitch Stats

    Twitch Stats 2017

    Tm599 made this infographic showing the statistics for my Twitch channel in 2017 . Take a look.

    My favorite part was getting to see the top requested songs! There were some on there that I didn’t expect… Like Carry on My Wayward Son… but, now that I think back… it’s true.

    It’s funny how our minds compile our memories however they please. It’s awesome to have stats to nudge us towards what actually happened. Hehehe!

    Thank you, Tommy, and everyone that has been a part of this channel.

    Much love,


    2017 Malukah Twitch Stats 1

    Malukah 200th stream

    Thor, the International Chocolate Lab

    Yesterday, March 1st, 2018, was the 200th stream anniversary of the Reverb Empire on Twitch.

    I was first surprised by a hilarious raining of cheers! Hehehe! We then moved on to play some Alien: Isolation.

    Some time later, I was told by ChandaPanda and Nemo to open a link. I did… and holy cow. What an incredible gift. A video where folks from the Empire translated Thor’s song into different languages and recorded their versions.

    Hearing all their voices, the beauty of each different language, and seeing videos of Thor when he was healthier… it was an incredibly moving experience. A highlight of 2018, for sure.

    • ChandaPanda – Hawaiian
    • Nemo – German with lyrics translated by Sturmvogl
    • GregRauv – Polish
    • FlyingPig – Saxophone
    • the Alb – English
    • Rhinosek – Czech
    • TaffyRaven – Español
    • Hye – Danish
    • Norpal – Finnish
    • Brenaly – Dovazul
    • S69RGE – New original verse
    • Jmclark – English
    • Cassie + Oliver – Adorable English.

    You have no idea how much this meant to me. Especially at this time. The clips reminded me that I’ve done my best to give Thor a good life. <3 He has brought me so much joy.

    Just like you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My dearest Empire. <3



    Malukah - by Consherra

    Art by Consherra

    One of my favorite things about the experience of releasing The Dragonborn Comes album last year, was to be able to offer a limited pre-sale of signed and personalized CD’s. In gathering the necessary info, I got to chat with some of you guys and get to know a bit about you.

    I recently received this artwork, made by the daughter of someone who bought a couple of CD’s and whom I talked to over email to get the personalization information.

    Malukah - by Consherra

    It’s so moving whenever you guys take the time to do things like this, or to reach out. I am grateful for you always.

    Thank you, Consherra, for creating this drawing! I love it. My best to you, your mom, and the rest of your family.


    Greeting Cards

    Handmade Greeting Card Giveaways This Week!

    I found the coolest video on the planet. A handmade greeting card tutorial by Amanda Rach Lee. I followed along, as carefully as I could and this was my result:


    During the Christmas Concerts this week on Twitch, I will be giving away these cards. Three on Monday at 3pm CST, and the other three on Thursday at 8pm CST! Along with the card, you’ll get a booklet recreation of The Dragonborn Comes book from Skyrim. These were done by JKGrammer on Twitch, and he sent them over to be shared with you guys! Thank you, James!

    Greeting Cards


    Hope to see some of you guys at the concerts! And you should really see Amanda’s versions of the cards. haha! Her work is so lovely, and fun for someone like me, with no artists skills, to try to imitate.

    Much love,