Greeting Cards

    Handmade Greeting Card Giveaways This Week!

    I found the coolest video on the planet. A handmade greeting card tutorial by Amanda Rach Lee. I followed along, as carefully as I could and this was my result:


    During the Christmas Concerts this week on Twitch, I will be giving away these cards. Three on Monday at 3pm CST, and the other three on Thursday at 8pm CST! Along with the card, you’ll get a booklet recreation of The Dragonborn Comes book from Skyrim. These were done by JKGrammer on Twitch, and he sent them over to be shared with you guys! Thank you, James!

    Greeting Cards


    Hope to see some of you guys at the concerts! And you should really see Amanda’s versions of the cards. haha! Her work is so lovely, and fun for someone like me, with no artists skills, to try to imitate.

    Much love,

    Outside the Realm

    Singing on Stranger Things

    Update: A write-up by PC Gamer.

    A track by my friend, Big Giant Circles (aka Jimmy), was featured in two episodes of the Netflix series Stranger Things Season 2!

    The song, called Outside the Realm, was composed and produced by Jimmy for a game released a few years ago called There Came an Echo.

    It features singer/actress Ashly Burch and myself on vocals. You can check it out below. What a super cool “reappearance” of this beautiful music!


    If you watch the series, it appears on Episodes 2 and 7.

    Thank you, Jimmy, for somehow helping me be a part of a show I love. hahaha!


    Malukah Keyboard Kit

    Sunday Recap: Oct. 9 – 15, 2017

    Monday started with Patreon Office Hours and we recorded Say Something with Thor snoring comfortably in the background. It’s such a pretty song!

    During the stream that afternoon, I finally got to open a surprise package sent by DrTrollis. He contacted me months ago to let me know something was on the way. I loved the gifts! It was a Dovahkiin Pop Figure and some Game of Thrones Buttons. Thank you, DrTrollis! They will be proudly displayed in my studio.


    Tuesday allowed me to see what a difference Twitch makes in my life. I had a frustrating morning because I made a big mistake while printing postage to mail CD’s. I had to redo it all. I almost cancelled the stream because I was grumpy, but I didn’t. I went online, in IRL mode and we all just chatted. By the end of the stream, I felt so much better. Thank you for this comforting space! For making me laugh and allowing me to take it easy when I need to.

    I managed to correct my Maloofusness and on Wednesday, my mom and dad drove with me to Texas to ship the CD’s. On the way back, the highway was FULL, and I mean FUUUUULL of trailers. It was quite a sight! This highway sees about 12,000 trailers each day. I think they ALL drove home at the same time as us that night. hahaha!


    On Thursday, I ate a Pop Tart. And 20 minutes later, regretted it. They don’t taste as delicious as I remember. It was just a crappity-crap ton of sugar.

    Friday, I went to Costco to buy food, but I ended up also buying one Christmas decoration. hahaha! In OCTOBER! I think it’s the first Christmas decoration I buy. Previously, my mom has let me borrow an extra Christmas tree she has. Hehe! Does this count as adulting? Or does the previous Pop Tart nullify it?


    Saturday was keyboard building day! Yaaay! After learning how to solder thanks to a great YouTube tutorial, I dove in, and I think I did ok! Building a keyboard is a dream come true and I can’t wait to do it again! I, of course, kinda messed up certain things, BUT now I know. haha! I had to learn, right?

    On Sunday, we watched Arrival and it was pretty cool. I also spent time rehearsing Halloween songs! I’m excited about the Twitch concert! The setlist is looking good. <3

    Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!


    Personalized CD’s Update: SHIPPED

    On Wednesday, Oct. 11, I shipped all personalized CD’s that were pending! I’m still in the process of sending out individual tracking numbers. I hope to be done with this process by Sunday.

    Just wanted to let you know they are on the way! Wooo! I hope you like ’em! <3

    The Pre-Sale for the 2nd Printing is still open, in case you’d like to order a signed CD. These will ship by December 1st.