Performing at the ESO Tavern 2018 Event

    I’ve dreamed about attending Gamescom in Köln, Germany for years. This dream finally came true!

    Zenimax Online Studios was hosting an event off-site during the convention, the ESO Tavern. I was invited to perform a few songs. It was so much fun!


    Photo by @omikkron <3

    First of all, the folks from ZoS are fantastic. Incredibly sweet and welcoming. It was lovely to see them.

    Second, getting to sing Elder Scrolls songs for a room full of Elder Scrolls fans is unreal. The response was very moving.

    Photo by @omikkron <3

    It made me happy to see the close connection between ESO and it’s community.


    Photo by @drKeyP (Thank you!)

    And I felt overwhelmed all over again by the fact that I got to compose music for this game.

    Someone pinch me. haha!

    Here’s a livestream video of the performance if you’d like to watch! I’ll be uploading the videos we took soon, too.

    Watch BETHESDA MAINSTREAM mobil von der ESO Taverne from Bethesda_DE on

    Thank you Kai, Matt, and the rest of the crew for letting me sing. 🙂 And thanks to those of you that were able to be there! Having a full table of Reverbians made me feel like I had backup.


    Photo by @drKeyP <3



    Malu Bard

    A lovely gift from Beatrice. This is such a pretty art style. I’ve been meaning to post it since June. I have lag. hehe.

    Thank you so much, Beatrice! <3

    Banner Saga 3

    The Banner Saga 3

    The 3rd and final game of The Banner Saga franchise will be out tomorrow. The soundtrack is available now on Austin Wintory’s Bandcamp.

    Compared to the previous titles, I did minimal singing on this one. BUT. A big BUT… hehe!

    I was so surprised by how the singing was used. When I recorded, I had a sparse instrumental track with guides on what to sing. Austin’s instructions were “angelic, smooth vocals”.

    Today, I finally heard the finished product! The end credits song of this game was performed by the incredible and powerful Eivør. And softly underneath, are the “oooh’s” I recorded. I love Eivør. To have a part on this track is very special!

    Here’s the song, if you’d like to check it out! (my vocals start to creep up a bit more at around 1:53 min) And be sure to listen to the full score on Austin’s page. It’s stunning.

    Thank you, Austin, for the opportunity!


    The Bards Song Malukah Blind Guardian

    New Cover: The Bard’s Song by Blind Guardian

    I finally posted a new cover! Many thanks to everyone on Twitch who voted to select it as the July vid. The next vote will be decided by Patrons later this week!

    The experience of recording The Bard’s Song was challenging. I had to record all the guitar riffs in bits and pieces because I could not play them from start to finish without messing up. Hehe! Now that it’s done, I feel like climbing a mountain and screaming a thundering “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” hahaha!

    My favorite thing about recording covers is that I get to analyze songs much more closely than by just listening. I get to take them apart into sections and elements before putting them back together again. It made me appreciate this song in a whole new way!

    Hope you guys enjoy!