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Malu, you have an accent. Where are you from?

I am from Monterrey, Mexico. Spanish is my first language.

But your accent is not so noticeable when you sing…

Hehe. I recently made a video attempting to explain why I think that happens:

What software do you use to record music?

Logic X for Mac. Here’s a tutorial where I show how I recorded The Dragonborn Comes, step-by-step, using Logic X.

What software do you edit your videos with?

Final Cut X.

Do you write original music?

Yes, I am currently working on my 2nd original album! Here’s the first track from it: I Follow the Moon. I have a previous album called All of the Above, released under my real name Judith de los Santos.

What vocal mic do you use? 

I use a AT4047 for musical sketches and demos, and a Blue Bottle Rocket Type II for formal sessions. Baby Bottle by Blue.

What acoustic guitar do you use?

My favorite guitar is an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MNS. It was originally acoustic, but I installed a pickup.

I later got an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE, which comes with a stereo pre-amp.

What electric guitar do you use?

For streams, I use a Variax Standard guitar, by Line 6. I love this guitar because it has a cool feature that allows you to change tunings with the turn of a knob. The Variax can also model different guitars (Strat, Les Paul, Telecaster, etc)

What headphones do you use?

For music, I use Sony MDR 7506 headphones and Shure SRH1540‘s. For streaming, ATH-M50x‘s.

What video camera do you use?

YouTube: Canon 60D DSLR camera (which is a photography camera that has a video function). My favorite lens is a Sigma 35mm f1/4. I stream with a Logitech c920 webcam.

How did you learn to speak English fluently?

I attended bilingual schools growing up. For college, I studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The time I spent there allowed me to practice and get used to the language.

If you are a native Spanish speaker, why don’t you speak Spanish on your videos and social media?

When The Dragonborn Comes video went viral, many of the people watching and subscribing to the channel was from the US, Germany, Russia, Poland… countries where English is a more commonly known than Spanish. I decided to interact in English so I could include as many people as possible.

Thank you for reading all of this! 😀