Halo Legendary

Legen… wait for it… dary!

Halo Legendary
I’ve always felt the Halo games are pretty noble for people like me who aren’t naturally pro when it comes to FPS’s. The difficulty settings allowed me to enjoy the games at different stages of my n00bness.

I used to play on Easy. I was terrified of online multiplayer for this reason. I got destroyed. Even though it was a bit mortifying at first, I’m glad I kept playing online because I feel that’s what eventually helped me improve my aim. Once I could actually shoot enemies deliberately, I was able to plan strategies on how to deal with them. With this, I was able to raise the difficulty. Multiplayer also taught me to WAIT… and let… my shield… regenerate. haha! I was like Rambo before. All “AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” and careless.

The multiplayer mode that helped me improve my aim the most is SWAT.  See… before, I used to shoot enemies in the chest. In the heart, right? haha! And no matter how many times people told me to aim for the head, I couldn’t. SWAT forced me to think on these terms since all it takes is a single headshot to kill or be killed. So now, when I play the game I keep my head (and aim) up.

I finished Halo 4 or Normal when it was released. A few days ago, I finally completed soloing the campaign on Legendary. I must have died ten hundred thousand times, but I made it somehow.  And I feel awesome. I used to play on Easy, and I thought this would never change. I may never be pro, but I surpassed my own expectations. Whether it’s for a hobby or a job… it’s a great, great feeling.

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