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    Jenny of Oldstones Malukah

    New Cover: Jenny of Oldstones

    Hi guys!

    I recorded a cover of Jenny of Oldstones, a song featured in Episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

    When I first heard it, I confess I wasn’t sure if I should try recording it or not… but your recommendations convinced me to try! Thank you so much for suggesting it!

    If you’d like to add this song to your collection, you can find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Bandcamp

    I can’t believe the show ends in a few hours.

    What will you watch next?

    Big hug,

    Angels Malukah

    Holiday Cover – Angels We Have Heard on High

    Hey guys!

    I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the Holiday Season with your friends and family.

    I managed to make one final cover for 2019 of a song I love and that gets stuck in my head for days. haha! 😀

    Again, the video was filmed by the awesome 24mm. I love the warmth Cristina was able to capture. I also love she was willing to work with Thor. Overall, such an incredibly positive experience.

    It was a wonderful way to close out the year!

    The song is available to download/stream on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp, and more.

    My Immortal Malukah

    New Cover: My Immortal – Evanescence

    My Immortal by Evanescence has been a frequent request whenever I sing live on Twitch. A couple of months ago, we held a community vote, and this song was chosen as the next cover for YouTube.

    Luckily, 24mm was available and my mom let me use her piano. Thor was there, too, of course, snoring throughout the whole shoot. Hehe!

    Hope you guys enjoy it! The song is available for download or stream on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Google, Amazon, and more.

    Thank you for watching,

    Sinking Ships Malukah

    New Cover: Sinking Ships by Trees of Eternity

    Hey, guys!

    I’m suuuper excited to share a new cover of Sinking Ships. It’s a song that I’ve loved since my friend Tommy introduced me to the band Trees of Eternity a couple of years ago.

    I had the amazing fortune of working with 24milĂ­metros on this. I absolutely love their concept for the video.

    Hope you like it, too!

    The song is available now! Buy or stream here:

    Google Play


    Much love,

    PS: Thank you, my Patrons, for the support that financed this video. <3

    ReverbCon Boat Trip

    ReverbCon 2018

    Over the last 2 years, the community on my Twitch channel has grown close. It’s made up of amazing people that are so awesome and kind! <3

    One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to visit Gamescom in Germany was that it would bring me closer to where a lot of these guys live. It gave us a chance to meet! We went on a boat tour. Hehe!

    ReverbCon Boat Trip

    Special thanks to Dr. Piet and BlackTecc for helping find a reserve a space for our Reverb Empire party! And extra thanks to Disturbilicious for helping make this possible, too!

    We had dinner, chatted, and even had a chance to stream live. It was fun to see this group be on the live side of the camera. Hehehehe!

    ReverbCon-10 ReverbCon-9

    Here are two videos of the stream (the first got cut off).

    Thank you for being there, guys! The memory still makes me smile!

    I love you all!