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    All of the Above Malukah Live

    All of the Above – LIVE!

    It’s here! The event poster. It’s a reality! hahaha! For some reason, when I make and share a silly poster, it makes me feel like it’s now official. it’s happening, and I couldn’t stop it even if I tried.

    All of the Above - Malukah Live

    I’m looking forward to this show soooo very much.

    I wanted to thank you guys for requesting some of these songs on stream. It was Eli355ar’s that said:


    And then c_cornwell added this:


    I loved these ideas! Rehearsing for the show has been fun. I have missed singing these songs. Thank you for bringing them back into my life by requesting them… even when they are over 10 years old. haha! ­čśÇ All of the Above was released in 2006.

    If you haven’t heard this album, you can find it on iTunes and listen on Spotify or Bandcamp!

    I hope to see you guys there! There are two dates and times to hopefully make it easier to watch no matter where you are in the world.

    Monday, January 16th, at 12pm, central standard time.

    Wendesday, January 18th, at 7pm, central standard time.


    Now, back to rehearsing.

    See you soon!

    Malukah's Christmas Concert

    Live Christmas Concert on Twitch!

    Malukah's Christmas Concert

    Hey guys!

    I am going to be holding┬á2 Christmas Concerts, live on You are invited! It’s a free online performance where I’ll be singing some traditional Christmas songs, as well as some modern ones!

    There are two dates and times, to hopefully accommodate the time difference for those of you that live on the other side of the world!

    Monday, December 19, at 7pm Central Standard Time

    Wednesday, December 21st, at 2pm Central Standard Time

    I’ve been preparing my recording/filming room to look more Christmassy. My mom also made a bow tie for Thor, so he can look very handsome in this special occasion. Hahaha!

    Come join us live if you can!

    If you aren’t able to, the concert will be later posted on YouTube, so no worries!

    Much love from Mexico,

    Malukah Christmas Concert Set


    I Follow the Moon

    Yaaay! Here’s a new original song called I Folllow the Moon.

    Here’s the video. Lyrics below!

    Thank you for stopping by and for the wonderful support!

    Song available here:

    Google Music

    I Follow the Moon

    Every night I sit and stare at the sky
    Remembering my day
    Thinking of tomorrow
    Looking back at all the things that I tried
    All I would change…
    And what I would keep the same.

    It seems that my life follows the moon
    At times it’s half empty and sometimes it’s full
    Spinning around through darkness and light
    Falling so low and rising so high

    From afar the moon is perfect and bright
    The surface so smooth
    And that’s how I’m supposed to look
    But I’m tired of using distance to hide
    The scars and shadows of my heart
    Cause they make me who I am

    It seems that my life follows the moon
    At times it’s half empty and sometimes it’s full
    Spinning around through darkness and light
    Falling so low and rising so high

    When I feel strong, I chase the days
    Dancing in circles through phase after phase
    And when I feel lost, I try to remember that I…

    I follow the moon…
    I follow the moon…

    I’m holding on tight through darkness and light
    Joy can be fleeting and grief takes time
    I follow the moon…
    I follow the moon…

    It seems that my life follows the moon
    At times it’s half empty…
    And sometimes it’s full.

    Malukah Plays Doom

    Malukah Plays Doom

    Malukah Plays DoomYou guuuuys. I have been playing Doom, and it’s so much fun! I┬ádidn’t play the original, so I’m only now becoming familiar with the story. It’s creepy.

    I’d been curious about this franchise for a long time. Years ago, I bought Doom 3 and tried to play it. Unfortunately, I felt the controls were a bit clunky (well, it was probably my playstyle that was clunky… hehe), and I abandoned it. Bad, Malukah! This memory made me hesitate a bit before buying the new one… But, I’m glad I did!

    The controls are so smooth and fast, making the game a hysterical panicky mayhem. hehe!

    Here’s a playlist of the gameplay vids I’ve shared so far. Thank you for all the great advice in the YouTube comments! ­čśÇ

    Dead Flowers – Singing on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC Easter Egg

    DeadFlowersDLCI was so happy to get a chance to work with Kevin Sherwood again! He is the composer┬ábehind all the Easter Egg songs for the Call of Duty┬áZombie maps. I love his style of writing… So eerie, yet elegant, yet brutal…

    Kevin asked me to sing a song called Dead Flowers, which can be heard on the new DLC Eclipse.┬áThe coolest thing for me about this song are the hints of classical harmony embedded in it! Treyarch made a trailer featuring the entire song. Here it is, if you’d like to check it out.

    And the lyrics video on Kevin’s channel: