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My debut original album from years ago: All of the Above

All of the Above

And here’s a free download of Auld Lang Syne!

Auld Lang Syne

An original song: I Follow the Moon

I Follow the Moon

Aaaand, if you’d like to download the Coffee screen BRB music that I use on Twitch… a Ukelele clip of the Skyrim theme. Hehe. Here you go!

Malu Twitch BRB Coffee

Ukelele Skyrim:

Many thanks to @pawelmadeja for creating this section for us!


[non_subscriber_content] Reverb Empire

Join the Reverb Empire today!

The Reverb Empire is a community that we have built together on my channel on Twitch.

You can join the Reverb Empire by following my channel, and get access to special perks if you subscribe.

  • We have exclusive emotes that make streams more interactive, like these:

  • Special badges to celebrate milestones of your stay in the Empire.

Reverb Empire Badges

  • An exclusive Sub Song you can download for free every month!
  • A link to download my first album, All of the Above, and other original songs for free!
  • A subs only Discord server where we can gossip about everything, and MOAR!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon on Twitch!


PS: Thanks @pawelmadeja for creating this super cool exclusive Twitch section for the Empire! Once you subscribe, you’ll use this same link to access the exclusive content.
PS2: Channel Badges by @melissakelt
PS3: Channel Emotes by @ningouni and @melissakelt

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