Games That Give You a Voice

I had the chance to try out SWTOR yesterday for about 40 minutes. I made 2 characters, a Jedi and a Sith, just to be able to see the game intros and play for a bit.

The most amazing thing was hearing that my character has a voice. In MMO’s I’m so used to being talked to, never replying back…

There is something really badass about being able to have a conversation out loud with the NPC’s… Especially when the voice acting is so well done that it makes ME feel confident and well-spoken. Haha! It reminded me of Mass Effect.

Also, I couldn’t help but cheer a little every time someone said to me (as a Jedi), “May the force be with you.” Hahaha! I was stunned, thinking, “Well… I… I don’t deserve that honor!!!!” hahaha!

I’m really curious to know what you guys think about SWTOR and the place you’ve given it among other MMO’s out there.

Were you surprised? Underwhelmed? Are you hooked? Are many of your friends playing it, too?


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