Mix It Up

There are certain games that are so great, you can play them over and over. In my case, this happens with Gears of War 2 among others.

However, I admit that after awhile (shhh! I’m covering Gears of War’s ears) I wish I could still feel that particular adrenaline you get from a brand new game.

Here’s something I like to do to keep the love alive:

Game audio settings usually have at least three volume levels you can customize: Music, Sound Effects, and Dialog. When I play a game for the first time, I leave these levels untouched, occasionally bringing up the dialog to follow the storyline.

Second time around – once I’m familiar with the dialog/story and have already experienced the adrenaline rush from the awesome sound effects of dying – I lower the sound effects and dialog levels until they’re barely audible. Then, I crank up the music.

Oh, boy. It’s lovely. It alters my state of mind, therefore making the gameplay feel different.

Try it! And pay attention to when the music starts and stops and how in some games it intelligently adapts to your decisions.  It’s super cool.



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