Interview: Level with Emily Reese Podcast

Hey, guys!

I was recently invited to be on Level with Emily Reese. Emily chats with composers, audio directors, sound designers, developers and all kinds of people who help make games, every week.

First of all, she is WONDERFUL. And her chops for interviewing… man, it didn’t even feel like an interview. More like a conversation with a friend. I think I would have given her my email password without thinking if she had asked. hahahaha!

We chatted about how I got started in music, the Dragonborn ordeal and how it changed things, getting hired to sing on Black Ops, and ESO. If you’re curious to know about those experiences, check it out!

Visit Emily’s Patreon page for more episodes (including Darren Korb from Bastion/Pyre, Jason Graves from Far Cry Primal/Lone Echo, Marty O’Donnell, and the list goes on!).

Thank you, Emily. I hope we get to someday meet in person!


PS: In THIS episode, Jason Graves talks about Lone Echo, a game I recently recorded vocals for!

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