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The Perfect Solution to a Nagging Problem

I still can’t believe how this happened.

Ever since I started streaming, I’ve always come across the issue of having to stop playing a song long enough to scroll down, since most of the song lyrics/chords don’t fit into a single screen.

maluScrollIt’s so distracting. We’ve made a joke of it in the Reverb Empire (the community on Twitch). We have a scroll emote that people would spam in chat whenever I had to do this.

Last week, I received a gift from Doug Y. in the mail. I laughed out loud when I opened it and saw that it was a foot pedal page turner. How AWESOME! Just what I needed!

Malu Foot Pedal

I immediately tested it, and it worked! The only issue was that since it functions like the Page Up, Page Down keys,  it would scroll too much. It would instantly jump an entire page down, in some cases one line too far, and I’d need time to get my bearings and find my current place in the text.

I asked on Twitter for a way to solve this. I was told this didn’t exist. I was discouraged for about 2 minutes and then software developer Nick Sulkers replied.


And then he actually created the extension in a day and a half. It’s now something that exists in the Chrome Extension store that you can download and use yourself if you want to!


Page Up Page Down


It works like a dream. You can set the distance and the scrolling speed, too. I am so thankful to both Doug and Nick for helping me solve a problem I’ve struggled with for almost a year!

You can check out the Nick’s extension here and visit his website.

Thanks for reading!

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