Sunday Recap: Sep. 25 – Oct 1, 2017

I started Monday on the right track by sending out the monthly mailing list. The last one was sent in June, so you could say I’m working on the “monthly” aspect of it. The good news is, I’m starting to get a better understanding of what it is I’d like to share in these emails.

I start with a brief list of the most important news (like a tl;dr), and below I talk in more detail and share pictures, vids & links. I added a secret giveaway at the very end, with instructions on how to participate.

Malukah Giveaway

It was hilarious to hear from some of you, calling me sneaky. Haha! <3 There’s a form on the sidebar where you can sign up if you’d like!

Another right track moment is that I joined a nearby gym. It was time. I have been struggling lately with food. In a nutshell, I’m having trouble controlling anxiety eating. I figured, going to the gym everyday would at least help me stop [or slow down] the weight gain.

This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And the times when I’ve been able to get a better handle on things, were the times I was exercising regularly. The exercise itself naturally leads me to make better decisions throughout the day. It’s starting to help! This is how Thor waits for me to get home.

The gym also made me rediscover my love for podcasts. Since they play super loud music most of the time, I can’t play my own because I’d have to listen at a super high volume, and I don’t want to hurt my ears. Listening to podcasts is better because you can make out what they are saying even with music playing in the room.

Aaand, speaking of avoiding loud music to protect my hearing… I went to take a hearing test on Thursday. It was primarily out of curiosity and as a control for the future. I feel if music is what I hope to continue doing, I have to be aware of my “tools.” Like, my ears.

I have test results from 2005, 2011, and now 2017. I was relieved that the results show my hearing is still within a normal range. I was worried that working with headphones/earbuds so often had damaged my hearing. It has changed a bit, but still ok. Here are the results from 2011 and 2017. Circle is right ear, Cross is left. Have you guys ever gotten a hearing test?


And on Sunday, Omi and I watched the original Blade Runner movie. Since the new one was being released the next weekend, I wanted to see the old one to better understand and appreciate it. I thought it was cool! Bit freaky, but cool. ;P

Thanks for reading!

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